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GHM Series Cross Flow Closed Water Cooling Towers

GHM Series are of capacities from 30 to 366 nominal tons, can work in series as a group for larger capacities. Casing made in special alloy coated steel or stainless steel, Heat exchange coils made in stainless steel or red copper, Wet deck fills made in PVC. All raw materials are of high industrial grade, with superior corrosion resistant features. GHM towers are designed of high efficiency but lower initial and long term costs, easy and economical installation and maintenance. The towers dimensions can be customized to suit standard containers or part icular project conditions. GHM towers are widely applied in different fields, to cool circulating water, oil or other process fluid for HVAC System, Compressors, Furnaces, Data Centers, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Power Generators, Transformers, Converters, Refrigerators, Food and Chemical Production Lines, etc.





The standard enclosure is made of a special type of highly corrosion-resistant steel sheet coated with a composition of Zn+Al(11%)+Mg(3%), and a trace amount of silicon, originally imported from Nippon Steel or Posco. The panels are sheared and folded precisely in whole cold machining process, then densely bolted and sealed for water tightness, with sufficient reinforcing bars, preventing deforming during hoisting process in fields. Each tower is completed with maintenance access and doors of maximized size, for internal inspection convenience. Heat exchange section is firmly supported by frame made in stainless steel, or H.D.G steel plated entirely after welding.






The water cooling series adopt high efficient heat exchange coils. Optimized coils has effectively reduced air-side resistance, suitable to work with larger amount of spray water, and significantly improved heat transfer efficiency. The heat exchanger combines one or more coils supported by steel structure, firm and durable.This whole section is of patented design, easy to eliminate cooling medium fluid. Standard coils tube made in stainless steel 304/316, or red copper and titanium ally on option. Different wall thickness can be met on request. Each coil is tested under continuous nitrogen gas pressure of 30 bar for 24 hours, ensure no leaking or weak point, with guarantee provided for 18 for both raw material and design of this critical section of an evaporative cooler.


SJ- Direct Coupled Fan-1


The standard closed loop series adopt direct-drive axial fans, fitted with resin or al-alloy airfoil blades perfectly balanced and coupled to a weather proof TEFC three-phases electric motor. The fan casing is a galvanized steel cylinder to draw the air vertically and avoid the risk of recirculation. The tip speed of the impeller is limited to keep the noise level within acceptable limits.




Standard spray pumps are of GZ horizontal centrifugal series from GSD brand, with motor of brand TECO, specially designed for evaporative cooling equipments, of generally large flow rate but low pumping head. The selected pumps are of dynamic-static balance, with shaft as an extended section from the motor, for most reliable concentricity. With first grade bearings, the pumps runat minimized vibration and low noise. Mechanicseals avoids abrasion to shaft, no leakage in long term service life. Overload protected on any point of the performance curve, not exceeding the rated power during the whole working period. Enclosure materials and installation arrangement can be optional and modified to suit different projects requirements.




The fills are formed in flame-retardant PVC sheets with a special shape design of herringbone surface, to distribute water evenly over the entire fill area for maximal thermal performance, can be integrated with air inlet louvers and drift eliminators. For medium fouled water, fill types with enlarged grids are available to reduce the chances of blocks. All the raw materials are of virgin grade from approved suppliers, with long service life in tough environment.





Cellular Drift Eliminators are specifically designed to achieve maximum drift removal. With significantly lower pressure drop. The modules are constructed of a series of sinusoidal-shaped, corrugated PVC sheets that are mechanically assembled to mating sinusoidal structural waves, forming closed cells. These cells force the drift droplets being carried in the leaving airstream to make three distinct changes in direction. When the air is forced to change direction, the inertia of the water droplets keeps them moving in a straight line, causing them to impact the wall of the drift eliminator and drain back into the wet section of the tower.





Cellular air Inlet louvers with advanced design improve air flow into the cooling tower, keep out debris, eliminate water splash-out, which otherwise can cause icing, near-site water damage,and unnecessary water loss. The deign restrict the amount of sunlight into the cooling tower to impede algae growth, reduce noise from the tower, and improve the tower's appearance.





Spray Pipes made in U-PVC from FPC, of high mechanical strength and long service life, holding pressure1.0 Mpa, accessible to inspect and maintain from outside of the tower, convenient to check with when running fully, completed with buttonholes for quick and tight installations of spray nozzles.





SJ-Float Valve(X)-1


Valve body casted in S.S 304, of gear type allowing water level adjustment more flexible in a wide range with big angle. Float ball made of ABS with internal polyurethane foam filled, free of leaking concern. The entire float valve system is particularly developed for cooling towers, of long service life.







The filter is punched in the same material as the enclosure, highly corrosion resistant. Effectively filtering the sundries, with anti-eddy arrangement, preventing air bubbles sucked into the pumps, to avoid affection on heat exchange of the liquid fluids.








Fastners of leading brands, standard materials in steel dacromet treated, stainless steel on options. Intensity of fastners is higher than average.







Data Sheet


Model No. Nominal
Fan Spray Pump Connecting Pipe(mm) Overall
Air Volumn   (m3/s) Power
Flow   Rate (T/h) Inlet/
Drainage L W H Net
Operation   (kg)
GHM-225 30 1.1×2 3.7×2 1.5 45 DN80 DN25 DN40 2540 1940 2200 1020 1820
GHM-230 37 1.1×2 3.7×2 1.5 45 DN80 DN25 DN40 2960 1940 2200 1050 2020
GHM-235 43 1.1×2 3.7×2 1.5 45 DN80 DN25 DN40 2960 1940 2200 1100 2100
GHM-340 49 1.1×3 3.7×3 2.2 60 DN80 DN25 DN40 3360 1940 2200 1310 2540
GHM-350 61 1.1×3 3.7×3 2.2 60 DN80×2 DN25 DN40 3760 2240 2200 1450 3080
GHM-365 79 1.5×3 5.1×3 2.2 60 DN80×2 DN25 DN40 3360 1940 2730 1520 3200
GHM-380 98 1.5×4 5.1×4 2.2 114 DN80×2 DN25 DN40 4220 2240 2680 2050 4920
GHM-390 110 1.5×4 5.1×4 2.2 114 DN80×2 DN25 DN40 4220 2240 2680 2100 5000
GHM-3100 122 1.5×4 5.1×4 2.2 114 DN80×2 DN25 DN40 4220 2240 2840 2150 5100
GHM-3110 134 1.5×4 5.1×4 2.2 114 DN80×2 DN25 DN40 4220 2240 2840 2250 5250
GHM-5125 152 1.5×4 5.1×4 3.7 140 DN100×2 DN40 DN40 4740 2240 2910 2800 6800
GHM-5150 183 2.2×4 6.3×4 3.7 140 DN100×2 DN40 DN40 5440 2240 2910 3200 7820
GHM-5175 213 2.2×4 6.3×4 3.7 140 DN125×2 DN40 DN40 5440 2240 2910 3300 8000
GHM-7200 244 4×4 16.7×4 5.5 160 DN125×2 DN40 DN40 5840 2900 3260 5000 9000
GHM-7225 274 4×4 16.7×4 5.5 160 DN125×2 DN40 DN40 5840 2900 3470 5500 10000
GHM-7250 305 4×4 16.7×4 5.5 160 DN150×2 DN40 DN40 6420 2900 3470 6500 11500
GHM-7275 335 4×4 16.7×4 5.5 160 DN150×2 DN40 DN40 6420 2900 3470 6800 11800
GHM-7300 366 4×4 16.7×4 5.5 160 DN150×2 DN40 DN40 6420 2900 3470 7000 12000


Nominal Tons are based upon temp. drop 35~29.5°C/ 95~85°F, WBT 25.5°C/ 78°F, and 0.681 m³/hr/ton.






GHM General Outline


Working Theory

SJ-Working Theory-GHM Series-1




GHM series belong to induced draft type cross flow cooling towers. During the working process, dry cool air is inlet through wide louvers on one side of the tower, then directed through the heat exchange coils and wet deck fills across the spray water, becoming wet hot air, eventually induced draught out of the tower into the atmosphere by the fans on the top. In this process, a part of heat from the fluids inside the closed loop is transferred efficiently, and removed continuously.





Compatible with numerous process fluids

(water, water/glycol, oil, other fluids)


 Capable and flexible in customized solutions

 Factory assembled for maximal installation convenience

 Modular design suits a wide range of heat rejection duties

 Compact design with minimal footprints

 Multiple corrosion resistant options


 Low sound operation options available

 More optimizing options available

 Performance and quality guaranteed

 Super long service life



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