Intergrated Solution I 
CCT+ Circulation pumps&tank + Control panel, on a skid
Intergrated Solution II
CCT+ Circulation pumps&tank + Control panel, with frame
Different Casing Materials
S.S 304 / 316L for higher level of corrosion resistance.
Extra Powder Coating
H.V electrostatic powder coating in different colours.
Explosion Proof Treatment
Control panel and electrical sector of explosion proof grade.
Containerized Solution
Control, water circulation & treatment systems in a container.
Cooling Coils in Ti-Alloy
For special process fluids requiring superior corrosion resistance.
Cooling Coils with Fins
For wet/dry due-modes operation in different seasons.
Auto Anti-Freeze Struture
Support quick draining during cold season
Fog Dissipation Treatment
Remove or reduce fog above the tower
Fabricating at Project Fields
For transportation or site limits, our cooling towers are allowed to deliver in CKD form, with clear assembling instructions and support.
Water Treatment System
Spray water and circulation water quality control c/w auto draining, bleeding off, descaling, chemical dosing, side filtration, etc.
Other Optional Solutions
PLC control, frequency control, vibration control, noise reduction, low liquid level switch, electrical heater, safety cage and fence, etc.
For more technical support on custom solutions, please contact us freely!

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