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Process Cooling for Large Injection Shop (510 Injection Machines)
Technotrans/ AiHao Pen Industry
◆ GHM Series c/w Circulation System&Auto Dosing, Total Heat Rejection 7,850kW/h
◆ GHM Series, High Configuration with Stainless Steel Body
Massive HVAC & Process Water Cooling 
China FAW - New Tech Center
◆ GOM Series Open Towers 19 Sets, 8450 TPH
Air Compressor Cooling (Ingersoll Rand)
TianDingFeng Holdings
◆ GTM-7200 Counter Flow Closed Towers x2
Aydin Soke Project - Turkey 
Refrigerant Condensing
◆ GZM-CX400C, Counter Flow Condenser x1 
Vacuum Furnace Cooling (PVA) 
TOYO TANSO - Shanghai Branch
◆ GHM Series x4, c/w Due- Spray Pumps
HVAC System Cooling 
AP Project - Saudi Arabic
◆ Open Towers (S.S+FRP) x9 sets
Metal Works Process Coolin
Jiangsu Senwei Precise Forging Co.
◆ GHM Series with Circulation System
Air Compressor Cooling(Atlas, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair)

First Auto Works
◆ Cooling Towers for Compressors
◆ Cooling Towers for Compressors
Cooling Towers for Compressors
Cooling Towers for Compressors
Metallurgical Furnaces Cooling 
Shan Xi Metallurgical& Mining Group
◆ GPM Open Towers
Taizhou Power Plant
Multiple Applications
GHM Stainless Steel Towers Group
Ore Smelting System
Dalian HuaRui Heavy Industry
2 x GPM0215 Open Towers
HVAC Cooling
Changzhou Pharmaceutical Factory, Johnson Controls Plant
◆ For YORK A/C
◆ For Trane A/C
Vacuum Furnace Cooling
◆ For Jinfei Holding Group
◆ For IHI Feng Dong
Oil and Other Process Fluid Cooling
◆ DONGFENG-NISSAN / Massive Quenching Oil
◆ Hangzhou Sannai Enviroment
/ Transformer Oil
◆ Pusheng Chemical / Formaldehyde
Groud Source Heat Pump System Cooling
◆ Xuyi Hospital
◆ Tsinghua Tonfang
◆ For Tsingtao Brewery

Data Centers,
Frequency Converters,
Injection Machines, Printing Lines,
Drawbenches, Polycrystalline Furnaces, etc.
◆ For Tsingtao Brewery
◆ For Xinjiang Baomo Petrochemical

Wuxi Sanjiu Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd.
101 Xinjin Rd, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.


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