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Basic Information Required for Model Selection
Esteemed Customers,
For a most suitable and competitive offer, please assist to provide below information by filling the cells high lighten in yellow.
Form Name

Where the cooling towers will be used for? Such as to cool the process water or other fluids for Furnaces, Foundries, HVAC system, Air Compressors, or Other Systems. This is essential to know for a most precise selection, please include all available details, especially the type and power rate or total heat rejection of the system

Cooling Medium Examples: Clean Water, Dirty Water, Refrigerant, Oil, Gas, etc.

How many Tons or m³ / hour, Litres per second or minutes, or gallons per minute?

Temperature of hot fluid inlet to the cooling tower or condenser?

Temperature of cooled water outlet from the cooling tower or condenser, should be at least 3~4 ℃ higher than the wet-bulb temp.

For evaporative cooling, precise highest WBT in summer is necessary to know, If it's not available, please inform us the project installation location instead.

Regular Highest Air Temp. in summer is required to know, but only for drying cooling system.

380V, 3 Phase/50Hz is standard, otherwise please specify, we can meet almost all ranges of the power spec.

Some reminds: - Is it a new project or replacement project? Or are there any footpint limit? -Water supply sufficient or lack of water? - Any other special requirements? (noise level allowed, additional corossion resistance? )

Tons/ h
Some Further Guides
Sanjiu mainly make evaporative cooling towers, but also dry air coolers. Evaporative wet cooling solution is more economical in both initial set up cost and operation cost, with minimal footprint for installation, while dry air coolers save water, and avoid freeze concerns during cold seasons. But dry coolers require much higher initial cost and consume more electricity power, take much bigger footprint. Besides, dry coolers are only recommended when the process fluids are of generally high temperature range.
So firstly it’s necessary to consider wet or dry cooling solution. It depends on many aspects but mainly two initial facts, water resources and fluids temperature.
When the location to install the tower is not rich or lack of water resources, or water cost is too high, our GKM air cooling series can be the first option, but the cooled water temperature can be only degrees higher than the environmental air temperature, otherwise additional chillers are required for further cooling.
In other cases, our GHM, GTM and GOM evaporative cooling series are much more suitable, with higher cooling capacity in general. GHM series are of closed loop cross flow type, widely applied as a reliable, efficient, economical, and clean solution for most of systems with requirements for heat rejection. GTM series are of closed loop counter flow type, work without any wet deck fills, thus more compact and more suitable for higher temperature ranges. GOM series are our open towers, most economical but the process water approaches the environment since of open loop, of larger capacity with module design.
However, there are more aspects to be considered for a most functional and economical cooling solution in each project. And we can always calculate efficiently and precisely from the data collected by above listed questions.
For further consults or any questions, please contact us freely any time.

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