Cooling Tower

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Manufacturering Facility
Standard and advanced production facilities with professional and experienced workers, including production lines of metal sheets bending & shearing, heat exchange coils, welding works, and assembling complying with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and strict 6S management.
Quality Control

Professional Thermodynamic Performance Testing System developed with joint efforts of Jiang Nan University, for type tests according to CTI testing directives, to guarantee the heat dissipation capacity and general performance of the product meet designed conditions.

Project Reference 
More than 1000 installations locally, and exported to over 35 countries, e.g. America, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, Saudi Arabic, Dubai, Oman, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Egypt, etc., for HVAC and other industrial process fluids cooling applications.


Energy-saving Active Anti-freeze Closed Cooling Tower
GHM Series Cross Flow Closed Water Cooling Towers
GTM Series Counter Flow Closed Water Cooling Tower
GPM Series Steel Open Cooling Towers
GZM Series Evaporative Condenser
GKM Series Dry Air Cooling Tower
FRP Square Cooling Tower
FRP Round Cooling Tower


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