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How to Install Our Cooling Towers Properly?

1. LOCATION The cooling tower should be installed on a solid floor, to avoid resonance, vibration and noise. The tower should be located in an open area, with sufficient space - about 2 meters away from any wall to allow for effective air flow. The location should be free of airborne pollutants – and away from acidic and explosive environments in particular.

SJ Cooling Tower

• Check the nameplate and confirm the power supply is suitable for the tower
• Prevent backflow of water vapor or hot wet air
• Provide drainage around the tower (fall > 0.8%) around the base of the tower to remove any condensate water or minor overspray
• Comply with all local Electrical and Building Regulations during the installation

• Select a suitable type and size of water pipe to connect the water inlet and outlet
• Fix the external water pipes properly. Pipes must not be supported by the tower

• Standard power supply is 380V±10%, 3-Phase, 50 Hz. If this has been customized to your requirements, the details will be indicated on the tower nameplate as well as at the front of the instruction manual.
• For further details, please refer to the Electrical Diagram Drawings provided along with the tow

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