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How to Combat Legionella?
Legionella, which is also known as Legionnaires’Disease, is caused by the inhalation of small or micro water drops contains legionella pneumophila bacteria.

According to the public researches, the growth of legionella in installations is mainly stimulated by:
‐Temperatures between 25 and 50 °C
‐Stagnant water and dead spots
‐Rust, sediment and other contaminations
‐Presence of biofilm and other microorganisms
‐No or insufficient maintenance

The above last factor is often neglected. A regular and suitable maintenance can not only
optimize your cooling tower’s operation, but also minimize the risk of legionella. In most cases, those cooling towers which caused a legionella problem, were working with limited care or even no maintenance.

On the other hand, to choose the suitable and correct cooling towers from a qualified supplier is also very important. SANJIU full series closed circuit, and open circuit cooling towers are designed and manufactured according to the lasted standards and regulations. There is well sized maintenance access and pass in each of our water or air cooling tower, for the operator to check through or clean the interior of the tower easily. A series of arrangement for convenience of cleaning the basin and whole bottom section of our cooling towers, such as blow down and drain system.

Besides, the air inlet/outlet grids are removable for towers regular cleaning convenience from outside, and these side grids are designed in a particular shape to avoid the sun light shinning into the tower straightly, which helps restrain the growth of legionella bacteria, and other heliophilous algae. This also reduces the risk of legionella.

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