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Exceptional Rust Resistant Enclosure Panels

SANJIU Standard cooling towers apply the latest type of Highly Corrossion-resistant coated steel sheet with a coating composition consisiting of zinc as the main substrate, in combination with Al(11%), Mg(3%), and a trace amount of silicon.This special material is named as 'SuperDyma' by Nippon Steel.



Survived 3000 kpa pressure test to ensure no leakage Patent design, slightly tilting tube bundle arrangement, convenient for drainage For any coil failure caused by material and design flaws offers 18 months guarantee period


Manufactured by 99.9% T2 copper tube Survived 2500 kpa pressure test to ensure no leakage Special design of the vertical coiled coil, which has the best heat transfer effect



The single most important component of a cooling tower is the fill. The efficiency of a cooling tower depends upon the fill’s ability to promote both the maximum contact surface, and the maximum contact time between air and water. And it must promote this air-water contact while imposing the least possible restriction to air flow.


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