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GOM Series Open Cooling Tower (CTI Certified)

GOM Series cross flow open cooling towers have been certified by CTI. Standard casing material in special alloy (Mg-Al-Zn-Si) coated steel, stainless steel and FRP optional. Direct-coupled fans for units of small and normal capacity, and belt-driven for larger units.
The units can be completely pre-assembled before ex-work, to ship by frame racks entirely, or supplied in form of CKD/SKD, with clearly detailed assemble instructions and real-time technical support. GOM series are generally more flexible to meet varies of extra project demands, such as frequency control, noise reduction, etc. The open towers are widely applied in different fields, to cool circulating water for HVAC industry, melting industry, and many other applications requiring massive heat dissipation.


Structure & Casing-1


The standard enclosure is made of the latest type of Highly Corrosion-resistant coated steel sheet with a special coating composition of Zn+Al(11%)+Mg(3%), and a trace amount of silicon, originally imported from POSCO Korea. The panels are sheared and folded precisely in whole cold machining process, then densely bolted and sealed for water tightness, with sufficient reinforcing bars, preventing deforming during hoisting process in fields. An alternative casing material is F.R.P. Each tower is completed with maintenance access and doors of maximized size, for internal inspection convenience.

SJ-Induced Fan-1


For small and medium units, direct-coupled axial fans are applied, with higher power efficiency and less maintenance works; For larger units, belt-driven or gear boxes are applied. The fan motors are of first line brands (TECO, Siemens, ABB, Qianchuan), depends on the supply period and customers’ preference. Fan blades made in al-alloy or fiber-glass plastic. Standard fan cylinder made in galvanized steel. In each configuration, the airfoil blades are perfected balanced before ex-work.



The fills are formed in flame-retardant PVC sheets with a special shape design of herringbone surface, to distribute water evenly over the entire fill area for maximal thermal performance, can be integrated with air inlet louvers and drift eliminators. For medium fouled water, fill types with enlarged grids are available to reduce the chances of blocks. All the raw materials are of virgin grade from approved suppliers, with long service life in tough environment.



Cellular Drift Eliminators are specifically designed to achieve maximum drift removal. With significantly lower pressure drop. The modules are constructed of a series of sinusoidal-shaped, corrugated PVC sheets that are mechanically assembled to mating sinusoidal structural waves, forming closed cells. These cells force the drift droplets being carried in the leaving airstream to make three distinct changes in direction. When the air is forced to change direction, the inertia of the water droplets keeps them moving in a straight line, causing them to impact the wall of the drift eliminator and drain back into the wet section of the tower.



Cellular air Inlet louvers with advanced design improve air flow into the cooling tower, keep out debris, eliminate water splash-out, which otherwise can cause icing, near-site water damage, and unnecessary water loss. The deign restrict the amount of sunlight into the cooling tower to impede algae growth, reduce noise from the tower, and improve the tower's appearance.


Spray Nozzle-2


The Spiral Target Nozzles are injection molded in polypropylene. The nozzles installed in bottom of the hot water distribution basins, to eliminate water diffusion decks below the hot water basins, provide full water coverage of the fills by gravity flow, of long service life and removable.

SJ- Float Valve-1


Valve body casted in stainless steel, of gear type allowing water level adjustment more flexible in a wide range with big angle. Float ball made of ABS with internal polyurethane foam filled, free of leaking concern. The entire float valve system is particularly developed for cooling towers, of long service life.




The filter is punched in the same material as the enclosure, highly corrosion resistant. Effectively filtering the sundries, with anti-eddy arrangement, preventing air bubbles sucked into the pumps, to avoid affection on heat exchange of the liquid fluids.

Working Theory




In GOM open cooling towers, the hot water is inlet to the water distribution basin on the top of the tower firstly, and spread onto the extensive surface of the wet deck fills after flowing through the spreading holes by gravity. Meanwhile the dry cool air is inlet through the side louvers of the tower, passing the fills across the water falls. During this process, a part of water is evaporated, with heat removed. The wet hot air is induced draught out of the tower into the atmosphere by the fans on the top, while the cooled water is collected back to the bottom collection basin with the eliminator, flowing back to the equipment requiring cooling water.



 Capable and flexible in customized solutions

 Factory assembled for maximal installation convenience

 Modular design suits a wide range of heat rejection duties

 Compact design with minimal footprints

 Multiple corrosion resistant options

 Low sound operation options available

 More optimizing options available

 Performance and quality guaranteed

 Super long service life



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