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SANJIU Cooling is a leading local manufacturer of closed cooling towers in China, with the only professional thermal performance test station in Eastern China in this industry. Since 2007, we’v developed a full range of cooling towers and related products, covering open and closed, cross flow and counter flow, steel and FRP evaporative cooling towers, also include condensers and air coolers. 
The products have been widely exported to America, Canada, Australia, Chile, Russia, Mongolia, Venezuela, Croatia, Poland, Egypt, Jordan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Nigeria, Rwanda,
Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Fiji, Oman, Turkey, Cyprus, Peru, Mexico, Syria,
 etc., with local support from representatives and agents overseas. With 21 patents, our cooling towers are applied in many different fields, to cool process fluids for Air Conditioners, Compressors, Data Centers, Melting/ Vacuum/ Crystal Furnaces, Induction Heaters, Casting Machines, Printing Lines, Injection Machines, Hydraulic Stations, Power Generators, Transformers, Converters, Refrigerators, and other utilities. With strong technical flexibility, we also have advantages over customizing solutions, e.g. Remote Control, Low Noise, Explosion-proof, Anti-freeze, etc.
Our active team is keen to share knowledge and experiences with all customers and users, and we are always ready to provide the most competitive cooling equipment & solutions with continuous supports. Please contact us freely once you need our equipments or information any time!

Wuxi Sanjiu Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd.
101 Xinjin Rd, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.


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