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GKM Series Air Cooling Tower

GKM Dry Cooling Series have been developed since 2012, with a wide range of cooling capacities. Enclosure made special alloy coated steel, or stainless steel optional. Heat exchange coils made in copper tube or stainless steel tubes fitted with aluminum or copper fins around the tubes. The fluid inlet and outlet are set on the same side, easy in installations. The overall dimensions can be tailor-made to suit standard containers or particular project conditions. GKM Towers are more widely applied to cool process fluids (water, oil, or gas) of generally higher temperature, such as for Air Compressors, Furnaces, Heaters, and other utilities in Gas Stations, Refinery Industries, etc., especially in the area short of water resources.



The standard enclosure is made of a special type of highly corrosion-resistant steel sheet coated with a composition of Zn+Al(11%)+Mg(3%), and a trace amount of silicon, originally imported from Nippon Steel or Posco. The panels are sheared and folded precisely in whole cold machining process, then densely bolted and sealed for water tightness, with sufficient reinforcing bars, preventing deforming during hoisting process in fields. Each tower is completed with maintenance access and doors of maximized size, for internal inspection convenience. Heat exchange section is firmly supported by frame made in stainless steel, or H.D.G steel plated entirely after welding.



The dedicated dry cooling coils in GKM Series is used exclusively for the purpose of dry cooling, fitted with particularly shaped aluminum or steel fins around the coils tubes, to maximize heat transfer surface and efficiency. The gap between the neighbouring fins can be customized and depends on the environment and other working conditions of the project sites. Dry cooling coils with suitable fin gaps can also work with spray water in cases the temperature drop becomes a challenge in the hot season, and save operation power greatly. Rest of specifications is common to above evaporative cooling coils.



The standard closed loop series adopt direct-drive axial fans, fitted with resin or al-alloy airfoil blades perfectly balanced and coupled to a weather proof TEFC three-phases electric motor. The fan casing is a galvanized steel cylinder to draw the air vertically and avoid the risk of recirculation. The tip speed of the impeller is limited to keep the noise level within acceptable limits.



Cellular air Inlet louvers with advanced design improve air flow into the cooling tower, keep out debris, reduce noise from the tower, and improve the tower's appearance.



Fastners of leading brands, standard materials in steel dacromet treated, stainless steel on options. Intensity of fastners is higher than average.

Data Sheet

Model No. Nominal
Fan Water
Inlet/ Outlet
Air Volumn (m3/s) L W H
GKM-90H 16 6 15 DN65 3200 1240 2350 950
GKM-110H 20 9 18.3 DN65 3900 1240 2350 1050
GKM-135H 25 9 22.5 DN65 4200 1392 2350 1250
GKM-160H 30 12 26.7 DN65 4500 1544 2350 1500
GKM-185H 35 12 30.6 DN65 4700 1696 2350 1700
GKM-200V 40 16.5 33.3 DN80 4500 2200 2150 2200
GKM-220V 45 16.5 36.1 DN80 4500 2200 2260 2500
GKM-250V 50 16.5 41.7 DN80 4500 2200 2420 3000
GKM-280V 55 16.5 47.2 DN100 5000 2200 2500 3800
GKM-315V 60 22.5 52.8 DN100 5000 2200 2650 4300
GKM-355V 65 22.5 61.1 DN100 5400 2200 2650 4950
GKM-400V 75 22.5 66.7 DN100 5400 2200 2780 5250
GKM-450V 85 30 75 DN100 5500 2200 2920 5800
GKM-500V 94 30 83.3 DN100 5600 2200 2800 6500


Nominal Tons are based upon temp. drop 47~41°C/ 117~106°F, DBT 35°C/ 95°F.

GKM General Outline

Working Thoery

GKM Working Theory


Dry cooling towers work without spray water. High volume of air is inlet continuously through the louvers, going through the large surface of heat exchange coils with intensive fins. Heat from the process fluid inside the coils is transferred to the high speed flowing air efficiently, and induced draught out of the tower into the atmosphere by the strong fans on the top.



Compatible with numerous process fluids

(water, water/glycol, oil, other fluids)

 Capable and flexible in customized solutions

 Factory assembled for maximal installation convenience

 Modular design suits a wide range of heat rejection duties

 Compact design with minimal footprints

 Multiple corrosion resistant options

 Low sound operation options available

 More optimizing options available

 Performance and quality guaranteed

 Super long service life



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