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How to Select Suitable Type of Towers from Us?
Firstly, need to select the air cooling series, or water cooling series. It depends on many aspects but mainly two initial facts, water resource and inlet water temperature. When the location to install the tower is not rich or lack of water resources. Or when the water cost is obviously high, then our GKM air cooling series can be the first option. Besides when the inlet hot water to be cooled is of relatively higher temperature, then we also recommend air cooling series. In other cases, GHM and GTM water cooling series can be more suitable, with higher cooling capacity in general.

However, there are more aspects to be considered for a most functional and economical cooling solution. And we normally need to know below basic information to work out a best matching offer:
-Cooling Application, to provide circulating cooling water for which equipment? Such as air compressor, furnaces, etc., we call it service target;

-Water Flow Rate, Inlet Hot Water Temperature, Outlet Cooled Water Temperature, these can be read from the nameplate or manual of the service target, or consulted from its supplier;

-Ambient Air Temperature, this is only necessary to know for GKM air cooling series;

-Wet Bulb Temperature, this is only necessary to know for GHM and GTM water cooling series.
Wet-bulb temperature to know is the highest record of the year. Below are some index reference for wet bulb temp., and it's also possible to consult it from local weather bureau or their websites. 

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