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GHM Series Cross Flow Closed Water Cooling Towers

GHM Series are of capacities from 30 to 366 nominal tons, can work in series as a group for larger capacities. Casing made in special alloy coated steel or stainless steel, Heat exchange coils made in stainless steel or red copper, Wet deck fills made in PVC. All raw materials are of high industrial grade, with superior corrosion resistant features.                                                                            

GTM Series Counter Flow Closed Water Cooling Tower

GTM Series are of regular capacities from 6 to 305 nominal tons. Casing made in special alloy coated steel or stainless steel, Heat exchange coils made in stainless steel or red copper. GTM Towers tend to be more compact, taking less installation space, working without any wet deck fill, more suitable to cool hot water of higher inlet temperature.

GPM Series Steel Open Cooling Towers

GPM Series cross flow steel open cooling towers are generally of higher capacities, can work in series as a group for large projects. Enclosure made in special alloy coated steel or stainless steel. GPM towers are of optimized firm structure, high efficiency, low drift rate, and anti blocking. The towers dimensions can be customized to suit standard containers or particular project conditions.

GPM-F Series FRP Open Cooling Towers

GPM-F Series are open cooling towers with fiber reinforced plastic enclosure and galvanized steel supporting structure, factory assembled or field-erected, crossflow fill, designed to serve HVAC, refrigeration systems, and many other industrial process fluids cooling. Comparing to steel cooling towers, FRP towers are more economical as an option of lower initial investment.


GZM Series Evaporative Condenser

GZM Series Evaporative Condensers are made in the same types of materials as GHM and GTM Series, and of similar working theory as a type of Evaporative Coolers, but designed dedicatedly to cool process fluids of refrigerant, of which the forms are changed during the process.

GKM Series Air Cooling Tower

GKM Dry Cooling Series have been developed since 2012, with a wide range of cooling capacities. Enclosure made special alloy coated steel, or stainless steel optional. Heat exchange coils made in copper tube or stainless steel tubes fitted with aluminum or copper fins around the tubes. The fluid inlet and outlet are set on the same side, easy in installations.

Evaporative Cooler

Sanjiu Evaporative Cooler is of patented design,combined with coils of low air resistance but high heat transfer efficiency,suitable to work with larger amount of spray water.Standard coils tube made in stainless steel 304/316, or red copper and titanium ally on options.

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